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Nurturing Cannabis to its highest potential

Our Vision

We care about people and we are proud of what we do. ​Cultivating Cannabis is an art form derived from agricultural practices that enshrines healing and community. As we carry the torch forward, we recognize the need to embrace those values for the benefit of all.​

Over the years, our love for the cannabis plant has grown into a way of life that continuously evolves with the times. Like you, we continue to see many changes in the cannabis culture, cannabis laws, and society's acceptance and utilization of this sacred plant. We have weathered our share of troubles throughout the years in order to arrive at this moment in time. 

Our Mission

Conscientious environmental stewardship is an important focal point of our organization. Organic and regenerative farming practices are the basis of our agricultural methodology and are echoed all the way up the supply chain.

Employing the teaching of Dr. Elaine Ingham, PhD, the internationally renowned microbiologist, who advocates the importance of the soil food web and the value of replenishing and protecting our world's top soil and water ways, we too are committed to growing productive crops while preserving and improving our little piece of paradise.

How We Do It

We use safe, proven and organic methods to grow the plants and manage any pests and pathogens. These best practices ensure a safe working environment along with clean and pesticide free cannabis products that will pass rigorous testing requirements all the way up the California supply chain, from seed to sale. Superior quality cannabis flower is at the heart of it all.

Soil is teaming with life. In a healthy system the beneficial organisms dominate the pathogens. So, understanding who the 'good guys' are is key. It is important to be able to identify, qualify and quantify the biological components of a healthy soil system (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, micro-arthropods) and use the knowledge to better manage our resources  and achieve the desired results of a delicious, bountiful and clean crop.

The nitrogen and carbon cycles are part of the natural order. All life needs nitrogen and carbon. In healthy soil, nitrogen and carbon are sequestered in the bodies of the microorganisms, the life forms. As the organisms live and die, nitrogen, carbon, water and other nutrients become available to the plant. The nitrogen and carbon do not leach out of the soil.

Compost is a fantastic material, when done correctly. We control the inputs, so we determine the output. Soils become richer and more fertile. This gives a unique quality and flavor to our products.

Compost retains nitrogen and carbon in the organic matter, not allowing it to off gas into the atmosphere. Good compost can be tailored to harbor all the necessary microorganisms needed to drive plant growth, control pests and provide a diverse ecosystem for roots to thrive in. It also reduces the need to replace soil and nutrients after every crop. Ultimately cutting input and labor costs while saving time, eliminating waste and making the farm more productive and profitable.

Cannabis is not all equal in quality. Who is growing your cannabis? What kind of cannabis are they growing? Growers who breed cannabis are responsible for choosing which genetic expressions get carried-on in the cannabis market place. Excellent breeding requires patience, a lot of work, and a tremendous amount of time. Developing a line can be very meticulous but must happen prior to growing a mono crop for production purposes meant for the market place. How do you know what makes cannabis great? It requires an educated palette and a keen sensibility to the wide range of variables and affects the cannabis plant has to offer. It may take years in order to be successful and make substantial contributions to the cannabis world and gene pool.  Breeders continuously test a line before they release a stabilized version of it that embodies the desired traits such as; cannabinoid profile, plant structure, growth rate, taste and smell.

Some lines stand the test of time and earn a place in the arcade of champions. High end varietals are extremely difficult to acquire , generally remain preserved by the breeder and are used to create hybrids that are then released in seed form to other growers.






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